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Do This Before Closing on Your Mortgage

Do This Before Closing on Your Mortgage

Maurie Backman provides some insight into what you need to do:

  1. Secure Homeowners’ Insurance.

Most folks are aware that they’ll need insurance upon occupying a new home, but you may not realize that most lenders insist that a policy be in place prior to consummation.

  1. Review Your Loan Documents In Advance.

One way to help ensure that your closing goes as planned is to review your loan documents in the days prior.

  1. Bring the Right Forms — and the Cash.

Another good reason to study your closing settlement documents in advance is to know how much you’re expected to pay on the big day.

  1. Avoid Major Last-Minute Transactions.

Though you can’t get to the point of having a closing date without having gone through the initial approval process, your loan technically isn’t set in stone until you actually complete the right paperwork and hand over that cash.


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Do This Before Closing on Your Mortgage! Tim Hutchins, Compass Mortgage LLC


Adapted from The Motley Fool
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